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Solutions for your home

Innovative water treatment solutions that save time, money and provide world-class service.


Culligan filtration systems.

Thanks to Culligan water filtration systems, you can have a source of good water directly from your home tap. Good, fresh or sparkling water always available from your tap!

Tecnoacque with Culligan offers you a wide range of domestic water filtration systems, capable of improving the quality of your tap water, eliminating the taste of chlorine and any traces of nitrates and pesticides. Many people are not satisfied with the taste of tap water and prefer to consume bottled water.

But this is not a solution. Just think of the harmful substances that are released into the atmosphere during the production of PET bottles and the air pollution generated by means of transport, due to their movement, from north to south Italy.


With domestic water softeners, no more limescale.

Thanks to Culligan home water softeners, limescale will only be a bad memory.

Do you want to discover the pleasure of softened water? Tecnoacque with Culligan offers you a wide range of high efficiency water softeners, capable of solving limescale problems in your home water.

What are the advantages of a water softener? Culligan offers you a wide range of bathroom sanitary systems and the taps will be free of encrustations limestone, the appliances will last longer, furthermore your skin will be smooth as silk and your hair shinier and easier to comb. but with high efficiency water softeners, capable of solving limescale problems in the water in your home.< /p>

To eliminate limescale from home water, Culligan water softeners are the ideal, effective and definitive solution.


Simple and effective solutions with Culligan products.

The telescopic cover is made up of modular aluminum elements, of different shapes and heights, designed to resist snow overload, wind pressure and seismic stress.</p >

The greenhouse effect, which is created inside, can increase the temperature by 8 – 10 C°, allowing an extension of the period of use of the swimming pool. With a modest heating system, the swimming pool can also be used in winter.

Problems and Solutions


The damage of limescale and the benefits of softened water.


Soft water gives comfort and well-being to the whole house.

Thanks to the softened water there will no longer be traces of limescale on the bathroom fixtures, in the shower and all the dishes will be shiny. Washing machines, dishwashers, coffee machines, boilers, irons, all appliances will be protected and will last longer. Unsightly stains on floors and walls will no longer exist, because the softened water will eliminate all traces of limescale.

The softened water will make the skin soft as silk, the pores will not remain clogged and it will give a beautiful sensation of freshness and well-being. Even the hair will be shinier and easier to comb, because it will no longer be attacked by limescale. Your hands will no longer be chapped or red, nor will the skin all over your body.


The causes of turbidity in tap water.


Water is defined as drinkable when its characteristics are such as to allow its use in human nutrition without causing physiological damage. The water must therefore not contain heavy metals, nickel, mercury, arsenic, nor bacteria or viruses, which could cause infections in the body.

The quality of tap water can be very different from one area to another, in fact, drinking water, even if controlled, can contain traces of lead, pesticides, nitrates, arsenic, drug residues, etc… Limestone is often present in nature not only in the form of rock but also dissolved in water.

Although we are talking about a rock, it is easy to find it even in our homes, even if in smaller quantities, this is because calcium carbonate is present in running water and, day after day, drop after drop, it stratifies, creating small grains that can obstruct and therefore damage the filters of sinks, sanitary systems and boilers, practically all those appliances for which water is necessary for operation.


The bad taste of chlorine in tap water.


The bad taste of water is often caused by Chlorine, which is inserted into the pipes to disinfect the water, as well as by nitrates and pesticides, substances that can regularly be found in water. Chlorine, even in small quantities, in addition to altering the taste of water and giving it that terrible bleach taste, can also deprive your body of certain vitamins and damage beneficial bacterial flora if continuously ingested.

To solve the problem related to the bad taste of tap water, many people prefer to spend money and make effort by purchasing bottled water. In this way, however, the problem is only partially solved, as they continue to use tap water to cook and prepare coffee and tea and therefore continue to habitually ingest the unwanted substances contained in it, in addition to the unpleasant smell and taste of Chlorine. . Not everyone knows that, when boiled or refrigerated for hours, only the chlorine evaporates, but heavy metals, pesticides and other contaminating elements remain in the same quantity in the water.

So, if your water is unpleasant to the taste and smell due to chlorine, a water microfiltration system can definitely solve this problem.


The origin of the bad taste in tap water.


The bad taste of water is in most cases due to the chlorine added to the water to protect it from alterations during its passage through the pipes. These small amounts of Chlorine can alter the taste of water and leave an unpleasant “bleach” taste or odor. Other times however, other undesirable elements may also be present in tap water such as nitrates, lead, sulfur and arsenic due to algae, pesticides and bacteria which could give rise to bad tastes and odors (such as ‘smell of rotten eggs)

Public bodies are not responsible for these problems because everything depends on the quality of the pipes that reach homes and the treatments to make the water drinkable. To test the quality of your tap water you can request a visit from one of our specialized consultants who will be able to carry out a free analysis of your water.

If you have had your tap water analyzed and found that the quality is not optimal, you can rely on less expensive and more ecological solutions than bottled water. In the case of water with an unpleasant taste, microfiltered water can be the ideal solution to remove unwanted elements present in tap water. An effective solution is undoubtedly reverse osmosis, which allows you to have high quality water directly at home.

It is also possible to obtain sparkling water directly from the tap at home, thanks to the refrigerators.

For limestone, the water softener represents the most effective solution. Its ion exchange resins reduce hardness, eliminate limescale deposits and improve water quality. This solution also allows you to protect domestic appliances and the condition of the pipes.


Can viruses and bacteria be present in the water?


Residues of antibiotics or medicines can be found in tap water, although in most cases they are found in very small quantities. Chlorine added to tap water to eliminate bacteria, as well as giving the water an unpleasant taste, if taken in large quantities for a long period can cause unwanted effects on our digestive system.

Filtered water eliminates the unpleasant taste in tap water and therefore reduces the disturbances caused by the presence of chlorine.

Thanks to filtration systems you can improve the flavor of your water and, consequently, use it for cooking. Tap water does not have an excellent reputation because the chlorine taste or too much limescale often make it unpleasant to drink. However, there are simple solutions, such as installing filtration systems which, in addition to reducing its hardness, protect the water from the proliferation of bacteria and viruses. Bad smell, unpleasant taste, sensation of drinking bleach, can disappear by choosing one of the Culligan solutions.


Does alkaline water have any benefits? Scientific research says No


According to some, alkaline water allows you to drain toxins more effectively than ordinary tap water, improving health and physical fitness. Alkaline water has a higher pH level than ordinary water. Proponents of this theory claim that it is able to neutralize the acid in the circulating blood, speed up the metabolism and allow the body to better absorb nutrients.

Some even claim that it helps prevent diseases and slow down the aging process. There is no reason to believe that the water formed when the alkaline hydroxide ion is neutralized can retain special characteristics (although it initially had them) or that the dissolved salt obtained from the neutralization process has special properties when absorbed.

The level of alkalinity of the water taken compared to the acidity of the gastric acid and the properly balanced pH of the blood in the body is negligible. This means that the effect on the body’s pH will be practically zero. The EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) does not authorize health claims about alkaline water as they are not based on concrete scientific data

In conclusion, there is currently no reliable evidence in the standard medical or scientific literature to support the claims that alkaline water has greater health effects or benefits than drinking ordinary water.

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