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Covers for every pool

Our highly qualified staff takes care of the realization of such covers and will assist you in choosing the type that best suits your needs: thermal covers, used to prevent evaporation and thus reduce energy costs and water consumption; automatic or roller covers for both indoor and outdoor pools; telescopic covers, ideal for withstanding snow, wind, and seismic stresses for constant safety throughout the year.


Used to prevent evaporation

The isothermal cover is primarily used to prevent evaporation, which is the cause of water and heat loss.

It contributes to cost reduction by: lower energy consumption for heated pools; better temperature maintenance for non-heated pools; simplification of maintenance for cleaning the water surface and pool bottom, as leaves, dust, and insects are retained by the cover; reduced use of chemicals for conditioning; water consumption reduction.

They are made in two systems, “air bubble” or “multilayer“, consisting of closed-cell polyethylene foam. For a quick cover-uncover of the pool, a roller is used, available in various versions: manual, automatic, fixed, or mobile.


Constructed from rigid PVC profiles, internally insulated.

The automatic floating shutter cover is made of rigid PVC profiles, internally insulated.

It ensures multifunctional use: for outdoor pools, preventing heat loss by convection, water loss by evaporation, and protecting against leaves, insects, and dust; for indoor pools, almost completely solving the humidity problem and preventing water evaporation.

The shutter cover can be installed flush, submerged in water, in a compartment separate from the pool, or above ground on the pool edge (a mandatory solution for existing pools). The external positioning of the cover roller is easy and quick to install and can be covered with a protective cover, addressing aesthetic concerns as well.

The shutter can be provided with “Standard” or “Magnum” profiles, which differ in dimensions and insulation thickness. The inclusion of an anemometer allows the cover to be rewound in the presence of strong winds.


Constructed from modular aluminum elements.

The telescopic cover is made up of modular aluminum elements of various shapes and heights, designed to withstand snow overload, wind thrust, and seismic stresses.

The greenhouse effect created inside can increase the temperature by 8–10°C, allowing an extension of the pool usage period. With a modest heating system, the pool can be used even during the winter months.

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