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Via Valtiera, 253/255 - 06135 Collestrada - Perugia (PG)


Saunas and Tubs for Ultimate Relaxation

Piscine Center in Perugia, thanks to its competent and specialized staff, takes care of everything related to well-being, such as custom saunas and Turkish baths based on the available space.

It also constructs whirlpool baths for both indoor and outdoor use, equipped with filtration and disinfection systems. Even if built outdoors, thanks to the heat exchanger, it’s possible to use the tub even during the cold winter. Hydrotherapy is particularly suitable for lymphatic drainage and stress reduction.

Turn to our company for the construction of relaxation pools with the latest technologies: counter-current swimming, chromotherapy, water heating.


Customized construction of saunas and Turkish baths

Public and private SPAs, equipped with innovative and professional technologies, allow you to recharge with energy and promote health.

Neck massage showers, hydrotherapy, air insufflation, Finnish sauna, Turkish bath, and emotional showers contribute to immense psycho-physical relaxation.


In acrylic or masonry for indoor or outdoor use.

The whirlpool bathtub is constructed in acrylic or masonry and can be installed indoors or outdoors. It is equipped with a fully automatic filtration and disinfection system, reducing the frequency of checks and maintenance.

The heat exchanger also allows water heating, enabling use even in the winter. Hydrotherapeutic massage promotes lymphatic drainage, rapid recovery after fatigue, and the reduction of stress and joint pain.


Equipped with the most innovative technological systems.

Relaxation tubs, whether for public or private use, for indoor or outdoor installation, are equipped with the most innovative technological systems for: counter-current swimming, hydrotherapy, air insufflation, chromotherapy, and water heating.

The water can be either fresh or saltwater.

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