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Products checked to guarantee maximum quality.

Our products are scrupulously checked to guarantee their quality. The widespread technical assistance organization, highly professional and constantly updated, always guarantees the efficiency of all our devices.

A Culligan device always has a Culligan Man close to it!

Whether it is a matter of purifying the water in your apartment, making that of a large city drinkable or specifically treating that of an industry, Tecnoacque with Culligan offers available its undisputed qualities: competence and experience.


“Good water without plastic” with Culligan distributors.

Good drinking water isn’t just in bottles. The experience with Culligan has served to develop a series of “point of use” water dispensers which represents a valid alternative to bottled water.

Culligan water dispensers: water that is also good for the environment.
Every waste avoided, every pollution saved helps to protect the environment in which we live and improve the quality of our life. All our point-of-use water dispensers are aligned with the Culligan green solution.

Point-of-use treatment is a civilized choice, which takes into account, responsibly, the consequences of our small continuous daily actions. Preferring water dispensers at the point of use means in a nutshell.


2 liters of water a day to feel good.

Drinking enough water throughout the day is important for your health, figure and digestive functions. Doctors and dieticians agree in underlining the fundamental role that water plays in health and well-being.

2 liters of water a day to feel good! With Culligan water bottles it’s even easier!

The 18.9 l Culligan Droplet is the most functional and modern answer to this need. By installing the Culligan water bottle dispenser, you make a practical and welcome service available to your customers and collaborators, which allows you to drink “good and safe water” at any time! The dispenser, available in multiple versions, satisfies all preferences: from lovers of sparkling water to those who cannot do without hot water because they love herbal teas and tea.

Culligan water bottle dispensers: just many advantages for you and your company!
The Culligan water bottle dispenser is very easy to install: all you need is a power socket. Our representative delivers everything you need and also thinks about positioning and activating the water bottle dispenser. With the Culligan bottle dispenser you save time, effort and money by avoiding buying bottles of water at the supermarket. Culligan water bottles are delivered directly to your office or shop, without transport costs. Furthermore, Culligan bottle dispensers always offer chilled water, as fresh as if it had just been gushed.

Culligan water bottles are the added value you can give to your company!


A good cup of coffee is made up of two elements: coffee and water.

As true connoisseurs know, the right water for coffee must be light, slightly mineralized, perfectly tasteless, to be able to release the best aroma and taste with every sip .

Culligan water and coffee, a winning symbiosis.
Culligan Drop Water is the best for your favorite coffee blend: it has been treated with skill and attention, and its quality is continuously monitored. And what’s more, Culligan Coffee Water is delivered to your home, together with the wonderful Mokador pods.

The Dado Culligan coffee machine is synonymous with elegance and technology, the perfect synthesis between functionality and beauty, the ideal solution for those who love the pleasure of a coffee. The Culligan coffee machine is:
simple and practical: just insert the coffee capsule to obtain always great-tasting espressos and drinks in a few seconds, in a practical and automatic way.
reliable: the Culligan Coffee Machine guarantees cutting-edge performance thanks to its high technical level and rigorous testing. The patented system of the Coffee Machine guarantees the espresso a rich and persistent crema.


Water treatment for industry.

Not only is water an increasingly expensive cost, but its quality can have a huge impact on some of your most energy-intensive processes. Tecnoacque recommends Culligan products which with over 79 years of experience as a global supplier of water treatment solutions for the industry. Our specific industrial water treatment solutions find applications in the food, oil and gas, energy and electricity, healthcare, hospital, biopharmaceutical and manufacturing sectors.

Applications in industrial water treatment: Raw water pretreatment; Cooling water treatment; Water treatment for steam generators; Process water treatment; Recovery of condensation water; Recovery and reuse of process water; Wastewater and wastewater treatment.


Water quality can have a huge impact on comfort and safety.

Hotel water with Culligan products is an ideal solution for cooking, drinking, heating/cooling, for hygiene services and for wellness . So the quality of the water within your facility can have a huge impact on the comfort and safety of your guests and staff, as well as your operating and maintenance costs. Yet, the management of water treatment plants is often fragmented and left to multiple suppliers and service managers, thus increasing its complexity and reducing its efficiency.

Let Tecnoacque provide you with a complete solution for water treatment by providing equipment, chemicals and support service from a leading supplier .


The room is where most guests will decide whether or not to return to your hotel in the future. Your customers will drink from glasses, prepare coffee, tea and herbal teas, put ice in their drinks and wash themselves with bath water. Therefore the water supplied must be good, have an excellent taste and be hygienically perfect.

In addition to water treatment systems suitable for any type of facility, Culligan also provides a range of point-of-use solutions such as cartridge filters, mounted in taps and showers, dosing systems for the control of Legionella and other bacteria that may be present in domestic water


Filters and water softeners will give a great look to any type of fabric washed with treated water, extending its life while reducing the use of detergents, chemicals and energy, helping you improve your environmental impact.

Scientific studies have shown that the use of water softeners can improve the effectiveness in removing stains and reduce detergent dosages at low temperatures. Research has also shown that softened water can also help you increase the life of your laundry by reducing the build-up of detergent foam between the fibers during the wash cycle, therefore reducing abrasion between the fibres.


Tecnoacque with Culligan is famous for the construction of prestigious swimming pools not only in the province of Perugia but also throughout Italy. The Culligan Piscine brand provides the best in filtration, disinfection and maintenance solutions for swimming pools, keeping your pool water clean, healthy and perfectly clear.


If your establishment offers beauty and/or hairdressing services, you will certainly want your customers to leave feeling their hair soft and their skin velvety thanks to the use of softened, chlorine-free water. Culligan water treatment product solutions for hairdressers and beauty salons will do all this and much more.


Water for catering, the basic element for a classy service.

Water for catering is the basic element for a classy service. When a customer sits down for a meal, both you and your guests want the glasses to shine and the cutlery to be free of stains and fingerprints.

Excellent quality catering water is the secret ingredient to providing a successful service.

Culligan water softeners remove hardness salts that cause stains on glasses and dishes and can also reduce your detergent consumption, thus extending the life of your equipment by preventing accumulation of encrustations. Here are the reasons for the success of Culligan catering water.

Water for catering is also the critical element for the taste of food and drinks. From steam ovens to coffee administration, to ice and drink dispensers, Tecnoacque with Culligan have the best solutions for your entire catering service and for your restaurant needs, thanks to decades of experience in the water treatment sector.


Water treatment management systems for hospitals.

The water for hospitals and healthcare facilities supplied by Culligan is the safest and most reliable water for all types of medical and healthcare applications. Culligan hospital water can be used in every area/department – steam generation, heating/cooling, sterilization of surgical instruments, dialysis treatments. Water quality has a huge impact on the health, safety and comfort of your patients and staff.

However, the management of water treatment systems for hospitals is often left to multiple suppliers and service companies, making management complex and less efficient. Culligan can provide a complete water solution for any healthcare facility – equipment, chemicals and service from a leading supplier.

All our products and services for water treatment in hospitals comply with the strictest medical and health standards and are part of the water certifications obtained by Culligan.

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